Understanding Quiz System

Quiz Pro is divided into three major parts:

  1. Questions and Question Banks
  2. Tests classified according to Courses & Levels.
  3. Packages

All the questions of Quiz Pro are stored in one place. These questions are classified according to Question Banks. A question can belong to one or more question banks.

All the tests are classified according to Courses and Levels. You can consider Course as Top Level Category and Level as Sub Category. You can create two types of tests: 1) Fixed 2) Automatic.

In fixed type tests whatever questions you add will be given to the student. Every student will have to attempt same set of questions. But “Automatic” or “Auto Generated” tests will automatically select questions from question bank and present them to the student when he/she starts the tests. You can define the rule how questions are grabbed from the Question Banks. So all the students who attempt the “Automatic” tests will get different questions. However some questions may be common among students.

When you create “Fixed” type tests and add questions to it, they get stored in Question Bank. You can also import questions from Question Banks to “Fixed” type tests.

A Package is collection of tests. After creating a package you have to associate tests will it. When students will purchase that package they will automatically get subscribed to those tests. Packages can be categorized according to Package Categories.