Settings is most important part of Quiz Pro. To open settings navigate to System >> Settings.

Basic Settings

Field Name Description
Logo Image  Here you can upload the png logo image for the website logo
Site Name It appears in the title bar of every page.
Home Title It appears in the title bar only on home page.
Institute Name It appears in the report card
Admin Email Administrator Email ID
Admin Phone Administrator Phone Number
Noreply Email Noreply Email ID for various system emails
Theme Website Theme
Quiz Update Interval When someone attempts the quiz his/her progress automatically recorded continuously. Here you can define its interval in seconds.
Time Zone Time Zone for displaying and recording date and time in system
Email Report Card If you disable this option then no report card will be sent after finishing the exam
Prevent users from purchasing a package more than one time If you disable this option then one user will be able to purchase the same package again and again
Default Marks and Default Minus Marks Default Marks and Default Minus Marks appear on the New Question Dialog
 and Currency After These appear everywhere the money appears.

Login, Register etc pages have some blank space. Here you can select the page whose content you want to display on that empty space.
You can enter code like meta tags or custom style sheets.
Here you can enter custom javascript or google analytics code etcs

SMTP Settings

Field Name Description
Host SMTP host address
Port SMTP Port number
Authentication Required Enable it if authentication is required
Username Username of SMTP Server
Password Password of SMTP Server
Secure Security method of SMTP Server

Payment Gateways

Here you have to enter details of Payment Gateways.

Ad Lightbox

Field Name Description
Enable This will enable or disable the lightbox
Width Width of lightbox
Page Contents of lightbox will come from this page