If you want to sell your tests offline, then this module would be very useful for you. Using series you can create a code series and assign packages with it. Now generate random code inside the code series. Then print it and sell it offline. Students come to your website and after registration they can apply that code and the tests will automatically assigned to them

Click on Series menu in the admin dashboard. Click on New Series button.

Here you have to enter the code series name and select packages. Click save.

In front of each Series entry you will see a button called “Codes”

Click on it, a new screen will appear. Here click on “Generate Codes” button. It will ask for number of codes you want to generate. Enter it. For example you may enter 5. Click OK.

After code generation screen will look like this.

You can export this list to CSV. and print on paper/cards.  When some one will redeem the code its redeem date and name of user will appear on the screen.