Question Banks

Question Bank is the central location where all questions get stored. You can categorize questions according to Question Banks (Categories). Navigate to Question Bank >> Question Bank to manage Question Banks.

Click on “New Question Bank” button to create new Question Bank. You can change the name of Question Bank or Delete it using the “Edit” and “Delete” button which is in front of them.

Please note that deleting a Question Bank will not delete any of the questions it contains. This is because questions are “associated” with Questions Bank and not contained in Question Banks.

Question Manager

To Add/Edit/Delete questions navigate to Question Bank -> Questions.

You will see question manager like this:

To create a new question click on “New Question” button. You will see a dialog box like this:

There are two tabs in New Question dialog box. First one is Basic tab. In Basic tab you can enter…

  • Question Title
  • Question Description
  • Marks
  • Minus Marks
  • Upload Image: This will be associated with that particular question and will not be part of Media Manager
  • Question Bank: You can associate your question to one or more question banks
  • Difficulty Level: You can set the difficulty level of question. This is NOT “Course >> Level”. It is difficulty level.

On “Options” tab you can enter options for question. It can be upto 6. You may enter 6 or less. You can also select correct answer. If you have some explanation for that answer which can be helpful for students then you can enter it on Answer Description field.

Bulk Uploading of Questions using CSV file.

You can also upload questions using CSV file. This feature is very useful if you have large number of questions.
For bulk uploading, navigate to Question Bank >> Bulk Uplod

Click on “Download Sample CSV file” button to download blank CSV file. Here fill the fields according to the column labels. After that save it in csv format. Now click on browse button and select the CSV file. Select question bank with which you want to associate the questions of csv file. Click “Upload” button.

For editing CSV files we recommend to use Libre Office Calc. You can download it from here: