Creating Courses/Levels and Tests

To create a test first we have to create Course then  Levels. A Course can have multiple Levels and a Level can have multiple Tests. Don’t be confused with Question Difficulty Level. This is like a sub category of Course.

Click on “Courses and Tests”. You will see a Course Manager like this:

Click on “New Course” to create new course. After creating Course you can change its order using arrow buttons. To add/edit/delete levels of that particular course click on the “Levels” button which is present  in front of Course title.

Clicking on Levels button will open Level Manager.

Like Course you can create Level also. To manage tests inside each level click on “Tests” button in front of Level Title.

To create new Test click on “New Test” button.

Here you can enter Title, Description, Instructions, Duration and Type of test. Duration must be in Minutes. You can create two types of tests: 1) Fixed and 2) Automatic.

Fixed type tests: You select each question and everybody gets same set of questions.

Automatic: You just define the rule, how questions can be selected from question bank. Each time an student starts a test the system will grab questions from Question Bank randomly (According to the defined rule)

Note: Once you define the type of test you can not change it.

First we will see Fixed type test.

Fixed Type Tests

If you have selected “Fixed type test you will see “Questions” and “Subjects” button in front of test.


You can categorize questions in subjects. To manage subjects click on “Subjects” button in front of test.

When you create new Subject you can set the lock period for that subject. Lock period means student can attempt questions of that subject after certain period of time(i.e. lock period). Lock period is defined in minutes.

Like Courses, Levels or Tests you can also change order of Subjects.


When you click on the “Questions” button in front of Tests you will see the following screen:

Here you can create questions, import questions from question banks or upload csv to that test. But remember all the questions you create here will go to question bank. So it means they can be reused on another test. You can also set Subject using drop down menu or apply Bulk actions.

Note: If you edit any question from here this change will reflect globally. Only association with subjects will not reflect globally.

Automatic Type Tests

On Automatic Type Tests you will see “Auto Settings” button. Click on that button. You will see something like this:

By clicking on “Add” button you can add new Rule. You can set how many questions will come from which question banks.

These rules will be used to generate question paper when someone will attempt the test.