Using Menus

The concept of Menu and Widgets in Epaper CMS is very similar to WordPress. If you are familiar with WordPress then it will be very easy to understand.

First we have to create menu, then we add menu items in it and finally we assign that menu to a menu placeholder. Menu placeholder is defined by your active theme.

To understand it more clearly let us create a menu:

Click on Settings >> Menu

Now click on “New Menu” button. Type the menu name and click “Submit”.

Now click on blue dotted button to manage menu items of menu.

From the drop down menu you can choose menu item type and click on “Create menu item”. You will see different form according to different menu items you select.

You can create various menu items and organize them by dragging and dropping them.

Now come back to Menu manager’s home page by clicking on System>>Menus.

Click on assign placeholders button.

Here you can choose the menu for available placeholders. For example here we choose “Main menu” for “Default Menu” placeholder.

Refresh Menu Cache: The system caches the menu items to improve performance. Each time you add or remove objects in menu this cache automatically gets refreshed. But if due to some reasons this does not happen then you can manually click on “Refresh Menu Cache” button to refresh the menu cache.

Now see check the website, you will be able to see the menu.