User Management

In Epaper CMS you can have multiple users to manage your website. There are two kind of users 1) Admin 2) User (or Normal Users). Admin Users will have full rights. But for Normal Users you can customize their capabilities by assigning them tasks.

To access the User Management navigate to System >> Users. It will look like this.

Please note that one user can not be deleted. But others can be deleted. One more thing to note that you will see the blue button only in front of normal users. These buttons will not appear in front of admin users because admins will have full rights.

Creating a new user is a straight forward process. Click on New User button. You will see a dialog box like this:

Username & Password: This will be used to login.

Email: This will be used to send password reset emails.

Role: You can assign “User” for normal users and “Admin” for administrators.

Status: Only active users will be able to login to your website. If you want to prevent any user from logging in to your website, simply set status into inactive.

Assigning Tasks

Suppose you want to create few users with limited rights then you can simply create them and assign their tasks. Remember you can only assign the tasks to users with “User” role.

To assign the task click on the blue button in front of username. You will see something like this:

Here you will see various tasks. You just select the desired tasks and click Save settings. That particular user will be able to do only those tasks.