This is most important part of application. You can find various settings from System >> Settings.

Basic Settings

First we will talk about “Basic Settings”. It has following options:

Site Logo You can upload website’s logo in jpg/png/gif format. If you don’t upload logo theme may use some default logo. It also has a delete checkbox which can be used to delete the logo.
Site Title It is actually website’s name. For example: Tutorial+, News Daily etc. This will be displayed in the title bar of browser.
Description This is short description of your website. It will appear in meta description.
Keywords This is meta keywords. Separate each keyword by comma (,).
Site Hometitle This is a special title for homepage. If your home title is: “Latest News from United States” and your site title is: “US Daily” then the title of home page will be: “Latest News from United States – US Daily”
Credit You can write your copyright line. This will appear in the footer of your website.
Contact Email Enter your email address. All messages from contact form will get delivered on this address.
Theme Yes! This CMS supports themes. Here you can select the website’s theme. You can find themes under /themes directory. Theme can have some settings form, menu placeholders, widget panels etc
Most of the images you see in this CMS are generated on the fly. You can adjust their quality to save disk space.
Cache Duration You can speed up your website by enabling cache. Here enter the cache duration in seconds. 0 means no cache.

Site cache is normal caching of html data and image cache is generated by auto-resizing of images. If they start taking lots of space then you can clear them by clicking on “Clear site cache” and “Clear Image Cache”.

Enabling “Clear site cache” check box will clear site cache and “Clear image cache” checkbox will clear all the resized image cache.

Language This application is multilingual. We provide translation in “Hindi” language. You can also translate this application in your language too. We will discuss about this later.
Homepages This application has multiple types of homepages. Here you can select one.
Contact Page Text In the contact form you can put some additional text too. For example your postal address etc.
Code just before closing of head tag You can put css styles or javascripts. They will appear just before closing of </head> tag.
Code just before closing of body tag You can add css/javascript (For example Google analytics code) and it will appear before closing of body tag.

Background Settings

With background settings you can change the background of your website. You can set any image or adjust the color of background.

Feed Settings

Title Title of RSS Feed
Description Short Description
Language Language of Feed. For example: en-us
Date Date of feed

Social Media

In the “Social Media” settings you can fill the url of your pages/accounts on various social media sites. They can be displayed on website using “Social Media” widget.

Email Settings

If you are using Contact Form then you must fill the correct SMTP settings in email settings tab. Otherwise the form will not work. If your hosting provider allows then you can also use your Gmail’s SMTP for contact form.

Epaper Settings

Epaper Home Title, Epaper Home Description and Epaper Home Keywords will be title, meta description and meta keywords of Epaper archive home respectively.

No of Editions Per page Here you can set number of editions to be displayed on epaper archive page.
Url Rewriting mode By default, all the pages from epapers will have alias like But you can also remove that /epaper/ from url by changing this option.
Order Editions according to… By default when you open Epaper archive page all the editions are ordered according to date. Here you can change their ordering by setting this to “Id”.
PDF Download Mode By default pdfs are downloaded directly. So the browsers open them directly in the browser. If you want to show “Save link” dialog to users you can set the download mode to “Via PHP”.
Check this to clear cropped image cache When user clicks on area maps in pages they get stored in cache. If you want to clear that cache just check this option and click Save Settings.
Unpublish From If you want to un-publish editions from a selected date in one click. Just select that date from here. Please note that this will not set their status to “Private”. Instead it will just hide them from website and RSS Feeds. Note: You will see additional settings tabs when you choose any theme from Basic Settings.
Enable Search This enables the search box in CMS. User can find individual news articles (From cropped area maps) using search box.
This will enable the PDF to JPG Converter. You will be able to upload pdf and the Epaper CMS will extract its pages and convert them to jpgs. A new tab will be added on “Upload Pages” page.
This will add a new button in front of each edition title which will let you list important stories and link them to internal pages.

Popup Settings

When you click on any area map a popup opens like this. We can change the size and advertisements from Popup Settings under Epaper Settings.

Enable Logo You can enable of disable the logo on the Popup.
Enable Social You can enable social media icons on the Popup.
Show Title Enable/Disable area map titles in popup.
Extra Width, Extra Height When you add the advertisement codes then it takes extra space. To adjust the size of popup according to it, you can enter the extra width and height here.
Minimum Width, Minimum Height: With this option you can set the minimum width and minimum height of Popup window.
Top Adcode, Bottom Adcode etc Here you can enter the ad codes to show on popup.
Enable Dialog If you want to open a dialog boxinstead of popup enable this option
Dialog Width, Dialog Height You can adjust the width and height of dialog box from this option.

Thumbnail Box Settings

Thumbnail Box is what you see in the epaper reading page. Clicking on it displays thumbnails of all pages of any epaper.

In Thumbnail Box settings you can customize various features of this box.

Height Height of thumbnail.
Width Width of thumbnail.
Crop If you enable it then it will strictly keep the height and width by cropping the extra area.
Show Titles If you enable it then Individual pages titles will be showen below each thumbnails.