Publishing Your Newspaper or Magazines

To publish your newspaper or magazine navigate to “Epaper” >> “Editions”

Click on “New Edition” button and you will see something like this:

Title Title of Edition
Alias This text will appear on url to make it search engine friendly
Description Short description of edition
Date Publishing date
Category Select category
Status Whether you want to make this edition public or not. Before uploading pagesanything you should make it “Private”
Image Thumbnail image of edition (This will act as cover image)
PDF File You can upload a PDF version of that edition.

We have created an edition. It will look like this:

As you can see we have Five buttons here:

  • Upload Pages button
  • Edit Editon
  • (+) (-) Button for setting or removing edition as featured
  • Delete button
  • Bookmarks button (If you have enabled the bookmarks from Epaper Settings)

Here we will talk about the first blue button “Upload pages”.

Uploading Pages

Click on Upload Pages button. You will see something like this. First tab is JPG upload.

Here you can upload JPG version of your newspaper/magazine pages. You can also select supplementary category. This is a bulk uploader so you can upload multiple pages at once.

After Uploading pages screen will look like this:

Here we have three buttons. Create Area Maps, Edit and Delete buttons

Click on “Create Area Maps Button” button.

Area Map Editor

Click on the Blue button and you will see Area Map Editor like this:

To add an Area Map click on “Add Area Map” button. You can resize the area map. But its position will not get saved untill you click on blue “Save” button. When you save an Area Map, its color will get changed to blue.

Green and Red buttons are for Edit and Delete functions respectively.

Extracting JPGs from PDF

NOTE: To enable this feature go to Settings >> Epaper Settings >> Enable PDF to JPG(Enable it)

After enabling you will see one extra tab on Page Upload page like this:

Click on browse button to select the file. Using density and compression level (%) you can adjust the size and quality of jpgs.

Enter the page range you want to extract. Click upload.

  • Image Magic Extension and GhostScript is required to convert PDF to JPG
  • The output of this feature depends upon the server configuration
  • If Anti Alising does not gives you desired output then disable it and enable Supersampling
  • Supersampling may take longer to process

On some servers Anti-Aliasing or Alpha Flatten option don’t work or you may not get desired output, then you may try enabling Supersampling. While using it disable the other two options.