You will receive Epaper CMS in zip file. Extract the zip file. Now upload all the files of htdocs folder on your server. Remember that the following folders must be writable on your server:

/uploads     /sitemaps    /assets    /protected/runtime

Now create a MySql database. You can find a link to create MySql database on your server’s hosting control panel (Like Plesk or cPanel)

After creating database and assigning username and password to it, import db.sql (which comes in zip file of Epaper CMS) on database from phpmyadmin (or using similar MySql client)

Open /protected/config/db.php and enter database connection details.

Open index.php from root directory of your site and comment out (using //) the following lines:

 defined('YII_DEBUG') or define('YII_DEBUG',true);

If you are using Windows server then you can delete .htaccess file or if you are using Linux server then you can delete web.config file. Both files can be found in root directory of site.

Congrats! Installation procedure has been completed. Now your site is ready.

Upgrading from version 2.3.x, 2.4.x, 2.5.x

To upgrade from version 2.3.x run the upgrade_from_2.3.x.sql file on your database.

To upgrade from version 2.4.x run the upgrade_from_2.4.x.sql file on your database.

To upgrade from version 2.5.x run the upgrade_from_2.5.x.sql file on your database.

Delete the /protected folder

Delete the /themes folder

Clear the /assets folder

Now upload the /protected and /themes folder from the ZIP file

Reenter the database details in /protected/config/db.php


If you are upgrading from any version perior to 2.6.2 then you also have to replace /framework folder

Remember default username is admin and password is pass

Please note that we have dropped the “Imag” theme on version 2.6 and introduced a news theme “Press”. Also note that if you have modified any theme of previous version then they will not be compatible with version 2.6.6