Category Management

Before publishing anything you must have to create category for that. If you are publishing only one newspaper or magazine then you don’t have to create multiple categories. One category: “General” is already present in Epaper CMS. You can use that category to publish your newspaper/magazine. If you need multiple categories then you can create them too.

Click on “New Category” button to create new category. You will see the following dialog box:

Here you can enter “Title”, “Alias” etc for a category. Few important things I would like to mention here:

“Alias”: You will see this term on various places of Epaper CMS. This is the text which will be present on url to make it more search engine friendly. For example:

“Meta Description” and “Meta Keywords” are for SEO purpose. They are completely optional.

“Parent Category”: Categories can be organised into Parent Category and Subcategory. This option should be used if you are building hierarchical structure.

“Image Upload”: You can associate any image with category. It is similar to featured image in WordPress.

After you create any category you will see something like this:

Green Button This is edit button
Red Button This is delete button
Blue Button This is for creating supplementary pages
White Plus Minus Button This will set or remove category as “Featured Category”

Supplementary Pages Category

What are Supplementary Pages? Suppose you have a daily newspaper but you also publish a weekly 2 page sunday magazine with it. So that sunday magazine will be called as Supplementary Pages. Here you can define category for such pages.

Click on th Blue (Four Square) button in front of any category. You will see something like this:

Now click on “New” button. All the fields are self explanatory.

There is option to change the “Category” of “Supplementary Category”. But this is not recommended to change the category after you have published many editions on that “Supplementary Category”.

After you have created supplementary categories they will look like this:

You can change their order by just dragging them.

It has two “delete” buttons. The first delete button only deletes the supplementary page category and not its pages.

But if you click on the second “delete” button it will not only delete the supplementary page category but also its pages from your newspaper/magazine.